Nuclear industry

Long standing expertise for a reliable and safe operation

KROHNE Nuclear is a team of experts with decades of experience in the nuclear industry. Through long-term and close collaboration with our customers, our technicians and engineers have gained extensive knowledge and expertise of what it takes to serve this industry with the highest consideration for safety. We provide the global nuclear market with a large range of quality measuring solutions and services, ensuring technical compliancy and order execution capability according to all nuclear standards. Our instruments are referenced for new builds, dismantling, upgrades, renovations, life extensions and replacement of obsolete equipment of nuclear power plants, marine, research or medical reactors as well as any fuel cycle facility. 

As a global provider of measuring instruments, services and solutions for nuclear applications, KROHNE Nuclear offers flow, level, temperature and pressure equipment - safety classified or not. We are one of the few manufacturers of metrology worldwide to hold all the nuclear related approvals for the design, manufacturing and testing of our instruments for nuclear facilities (e.g. ASME Section III, RCC-M) and can deliver qualifications and test reports according to IEEE 323, IEEE 344, and RCC-E. KROHNE Nuclear adds value by providing competent and centralised support for the nuclear industry considering the highest level of safety in all its procedures.

KROHNE Nuclear

KROHNE Nuclear is located in Romans-sur-Isère, France. All nuclear-related activities within the KROHNE Group are centralised here, providing our customers with an end-to-end control, from dedicated product designs, sales, contracting, project management and manufacturing to service and training. Focusing on the global nuclear market, we offer a broad variety of process instrumentation and measurement solutions for nuclear power plants, research reactors, and nuclear reactors for ships and submarines, as well as fuel cycle management and decommissioning of nuclear facilities. With over 45 years’ experience in the nuclear industry, we have established a strong long-term cooperation with most key utilities and contractors worldwide. We are committed to operational excellence and high integrity processes by certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ECOVADIS and QUALIANOR, and with ISO 19443 certification to be obtained shortly.

Our extended product portfolio fulfils the high quality and safety requirements of the nuclear industry and our team of nuclear experts can provide support throughout the project lifecycle.

KROHNE remains at the forefront in supporting the nuclear industry with the highest consideration for safety for both existing and new nuclear technology.

KROHNE Nuclear

France / Romans-sur-Isère