Wear parts & consumables management

Stock management service for sensors and consumable items

  • Regular, proactive replacements and replenishments of wear parts and consumables for process analytics, flow, level, pressure and temperature measurements

  • Annual refilling of consumable items to keep plant uptime high

  • Provision of KROHNE approved replacement parts and consumables

At a glance

  • Scheduled supply of the right consumables for all KROHNE products
  • Regular replacement of analytical sensors and reagents, coupling grease for clamp-on flowmeters, gaskets, etc.
  • Replenishment intervals tailored to individual customer needs
  • All supplies according to individual Service Level Agreements with KROHNE

Your challenge

As with spare parts, consumables need to be properly stocked and managed. If plants run out of required consumables and other wear items, costly downtime is likely to occur.

Our service

To keep measurements up and running and prevent process interruptions due to a lack of consumables and wear parts, KROHNE offers the Wear Parts & Consumables Management service. This involves KROHNE service engineers visiting client’s sites on an annual basis to replace and maintain an agreed stock inventory of items, ranging from wear parts such as analytical sensors and gaskets to consumables such as analytical buffer solutions to grease for ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters.

Your added value

  • Inventory replenishments for undisturbed operation of measurements
  • Reliable stock refill in accordance with customer needs
  • Inventory management taken care of by KROHNE

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